Balding is a procedure with which mainly men should face! At a very small degree women can also suffer from balding but in their case it is not so visible and playing with their hair style they can easily cover it.


Reason of balding

In medical terms balding can be natural - inherited characteristic- or some other harmful effect of something, maybe malfunctions of different organs in the body.
To find out the exact cause it requires a medical check.

Unfortunaetly the situation is not that simple all the time.

Balding can be caused by e.g. the overproductivity of the sebaceus gland – and if we regulate the production of the gland balding will turn back.

So when we experience some sort of balding we should not think of it as a natural pheomenon of aging but make an appointment with a hair specialist and have ourselves checked. No time was more favourable than today! Because of the develeopment of technology we have such kind of tools like the microcamera used by me. Without it the reasons of balding is almost impossible.

Let me show some pictures to you

kopaszodásIn this picture taken by a microcamera you can see the hardened fluid produced by the sebaceus gland at the root of the hair. This will lead to oiliness of the scalp and to the oily degenaration of hair cuticle which will kill the hair at the end and it will fall out.

My treatment can cure this type of problem with 100% instead of loosing significant amount of hair or full baldness.

If you suffer from balding or you have greasy scalp but your hair is dry please make an appointment with me today befor it gets too late!

Healing of balding

kopaszodás gyógyulásaIn this picture you can see a middle phase of healing caused by my complex treatment of natural products and materials.

The production of oil of the sebaceus gland gradually decreases and the natural balance is about to be set.

Instead of balding you can have healthy scalp

gyógyult kopaszodásThe last photo shows the result: as the result of properly combined treatments there is a total healing from that nasty hair loosing illnes affected by almost the whole population.

Follicles are healed the scalp is clean and on the balded areas you can see the growth of new hair.

If you suffer from balding please make an appointmet with me for a consultation.

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