We can speak about hair loss when loosing hair goes beyond a certain point when the regrowth of hair cannot follow its pace.

hair lossThere are periods of time in our life when we notice that we loose a hair while taking a shower or combing our hair. It can be natural. But sometimes we notice that we lost more hair than usual. We can see more hair in the hairbrush or in the tub. Than we get a little bit worried about it and we suspect that we are the next victim of hair loss.

These periods go by -naturally it happens quite a few times in our life- we will fell OK again and the initial fear disappears and we will not even remember it after a couple of weeks.

Things get different when hair loss won't go away

Loosing our hair, go bald can be a thought filled with scare! Men relatively can cope with this kind of changes easily but in case of women hair loss can be followed by other types of psychological trauma.

So, do not just wait and sit around and hope the best!

The best thing what we can do is to go and see a hair specialist.

What can a trichologist do against hair loss?

hair loss in case of childAs the results of the latest researches and studies the treatments of hair scalp related problems went through a revolutionary improvement in quality. Up to date and modern examintion methods and medical appliances enable us to find out the exact cause of the hair loss without feeleing any pain and uncomfortable experience on the part of the patient. You can find more information about it in the Scalp Microcamera Examination section.

The examination method and treatment is so new that it is not available in every GP's room. It requires studies abroad and you can hardly find more that ten licienced therapists in the country.

Unlike the everywhere advertised wonder-shampoos and backroom wichcraft this method is so precise in finding the cause of the hair loss so the treatment can be customized to the individual patient and it will work!

Hair loss is a stoppable process and hair can be regained

hair lossIf you feel you experience hair loss or you see spotty hair loss on your scalp it is high time to set up a consultation with me..

You should not accept hair loss, you should not learn to live with it, you should not think you cannot regain your hair!

I can show you many satified patiens of mine!



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